Issues & Solutions

Our campaign and our platform is built on a deep love for Wilmington and our Westside community – its residents, its history, its resilience, and its promise. We will run a campaign that is unabashedly rooted in love. 

Legalizing Marijuana

As of April 23, 2023, Delaware became the 22nd state to legalize recreational marijuana use. We’ve come a long way in the last few years, but we still have to complete what we started: undoing the damages of prohibition and re-invest in communities hit hardest by the War on Drugs. As your State Representative, I will:

Childcare and Family Supports

Childcare is the number one investment we can make to increase social and economic opportunities for Wilmington’s children and parents. Without childcare support, parents can’t go to work, pursue higher education opportunities, and children fall further behind in the education system. At the same time, we can ensure strong wages, benefits, and protections for our child care workers.  As your State Representative, I will fight to:

Public Safety & Ending City Gun Violence

Gun Violence is prevalent in many U.S cities, particularly in historically underfunded neighborhoods, such as West Center City & the Westside. It spreads through social networks and intensifies long-standing inequities and public health disparities. 

Everybody deserves to be and feel safe. For too long, we’ve relied solely on policing for everything while at the same time underinvesting in public housing, infrastructure, schools, and healthcare – which has caused decades of harm in Black and Brown communities. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can create real safety by fully funding our communities and addressing the root causes of instability and structural violence. We have the solutions. 

Here is a preview of the legislation and policy changes I will fight for:

Housing as a Human Right

In 2020, during the midst of the pandemic my family faced an eviction. Since then, I have dedicated the last four years of life to educating and advocating for tenants and their right to a safe, affordable home. That experience taught me that the way to win was to fight together with my neighbors, and I began focusing on organizing with my community. I have now worked as tenant and community organizer, and as a leader in the housing movement that won historic tenant protections in 2023.

While we won right to representation in 2023, there is still a lot of work to be done to make the promise of housing as a human right a reality for all Delawareans. 

Here is a preview of the legislation and policy changes I will fight for: 

Investing In Our Young People & Our Futures

Every child and young person has the right to a high-quality education, regardless of zip code. We need to ensure that state funding is spent supporting our public schools through smaller classroom sizes, social and emotional supports, arts and music offerings, and after school programs. We need to make college free for all and bring back the trades to high schools.

As your State Representative, I would: 

Medicare for All

I believe healthcare is a human right, and the most efficient way to ensure this is through Medicare for All. 

As your State Representative I will fight for:

Support LGBTQIA+ Rights

Delaware has been a leader in pro-LGBTQ+ legislation, adopting marriage equality and civil rights protections for trans people. However, as radical republicans in other state legislatures dangerously pass laws like “Don’t Say Gay” and discriminate against LGBTQIA+ youth, we must boldly end intolerance and all forms of bigotry throughout our state.

Here is the legislation and policy changes I will fight for: 

Capping I-95 & Environmental Justice

There’s a long history of highways being purposefully built through low-income, working class communities of color in the US, routing some highways directly, and sometimes purposefully, through Black and brown communities. In some instances, the government took homes by Eminent Domain. 

Major roads like 1-95 continue to divide our community today, driving up the effects of climate change, and facilitates and ongoing public health crisis. Our state must move quickly to ensure that frontline communities, such as Hilltop and West Center City are protected from the harms of environmental racism. 

As your state representative I will also fight for:

Mobility and Safe Streets

For too long, Delaware’s transportation system has prioritized private automobile over all else. The results are a system of roads is packed with emission-spewing vehicles, and highways that frequently barrel through historically black and brown neighborhoods. In Westside of Wilmington, pedestrian safety needs to be prioritized, especially along Lincoln, Union, 4th, and 2nd streets, where accidents are prevalent. It’s time to invest in mobility improvements and create a safe, vibrant and accessible district for all. Mobility is opportunity, and our failed transportation policies have robbed too many people of opportunity.